Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Offically ready for the Cold!
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Suggestion for the campus area... 24 hour coffee shop!

All of the coffee shops on and around campus close by 10 (starbucks less than a block from me) or 11! ARG! Come on people! This is a college campus, students keep strange and rediculous hours and need the help of caffeine to make all of this possible!

As you can see I purchased a new mug. I have two others... a sweet jelly belly one (its also blue, now that I think about it) but does not hold as much as the new one. My other one is a great Mickey Mouse (just the strip around the center-he's running) mug... but alas, it is dying... it is not a solid piece like my new starbucks one and my jelly belly one. So what happened over time was that the inner piece has come loose and as a result is very spillage prone-and Let's face it... I do not need help spilling things on myself. So I think, sadly... that it will be retired :(

Check out the my flickr page for more on my new mug! Hooray!

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