Thursday, May 03, 2007

One of the Priests that I've been blessed to meet and get to know is working on his upper level (masters/doctorate?) degree at Marquette, and is here from India. He has the greatest sense of humor and in the last month or two I have continually run into him coming and going around campus. Today, as usual he had a wonderful piece of wisdom to share with me...

He was carrying a package of crackers (the kind you usually get with a salad) and asked if I had been to the Residence (where I work) yet today...
I said "no" (I only work there on Fridays this semester).
He proceeded to offer me one of his crackers and said...
"God made things in twos, so that they would be easier to share with a friend."

Ahh, what a lovely, simple message - Especially in a world where we are all so quick to claim something for ourselves, and no one else (myself included) everything is about "mine" very rarely are things about "ours" or sharing.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am in love exfoliating gloves. Wow, why did I not get some of these sooner? So amazing! My skin has never been so soft and I feel a million times cleaner when I scrub all over with these things! Sayōnara dead skin cells and impurities!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today in the mail.... I received my Moo Cards! They are so cute, and so much fun! Just about half the size of a normal business card but certainly twice the fun!!

There are 100 cards total and they have a great little (plastic) white box they fit in. (In the picture, you can see all the different photos that I used.) These will be (I was about to say 'fun' but I think I've already established that the cards are 'fun') a blast to hand to people who need my information. Not only will they be getting my name, cell and email, (in blue on the reverse side, and my signature "e=mc²") but they will also get a cool picture which has some sort of significance for me. The pictures are from Chicago, Milwaukee, Nebraska, Ireland - there are a couple of Ernie, Marquette (Joan of Arc Chapel, Marq. Hall) and a giant stack of chocolate chip cookies!

Thinking about joining the ranks in the 'real world' (I'm pretty sure that what I've been doing has been anything but hypothetical) I had been considering buying some kind of business card with my bare bones information (since it is likely my address will be changing). It is so much more impressive and professional to be able to hand someone a preprinted card with your contact information, rather than asking if they have a pen and proceeding to scribble it on their arm, or a used napkin. I've now got the (fun) cards to match Me... so World, Prepare to be impressed!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tonight I held the first (annual) Celebration of the Womb.
"Excuse Me?" you're thinking...
Yes, Celebration of the Womb... it was 22 years ago on this day that I was still in the womb. So, what better way to give thanks for the wonderful year that has passed and contemplate what the up coming trip around the sun will entail than to have a very relaxing bath. So simple yet incredible refreshing. I had candles, bubbles, a nice beverage, and a great selection of tunes. Nothing like a little pampering to help bring one year to a close and look ahead to the possibilities of the next year. And, in true womb fashion... the water broke (I had to drain the tub when I was done) and forced me to push forward. Relaxing, comforting and rejuvenating as it may have been you can't stay in there forever (womb or tub). So, here's to another fantastic year... A big "thank you" to my wonderful family and friends who all support and encourage me--I am truly blessed.

Always remember to forget - The troubles that passed away.
But never forget to remember - The blessings that come each day.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Is it unprofessional to lick my plate - when the delicious chocolate cake swimming with strawberries and their juice becomes more of a dried up watering hole (than the deep end of the pool where the diving boards are)... while I'm working at the front desk of the Jesuit Residence?
Unfortunately, the committee I created to come to a conclusion regarding the chocolate cake and strawberries conundrum concluded that it was 'not such a good idea' - painful decision, very painful.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

gatrobfabilou v (1)the rotation of a group of amazingly, fun, as in awesome people. Usually revolving around the consumption of food and drink. (2) A good time is always had by all. (3)Started by an elite set of Greeks, as a form of celebrating good company, food, and drink

compliments of a fellow round robin'er :)

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Robinglomalicious n - any form of rotating gathering in which each location provides a different or distinct delectable dish for devouring, usually the company is as delicious if not more so than the edible delicacies [lat. robin "rotation," lat. glom "round," lat. delicia "delight"]

Entertaining is such a great concept... not only does it force you to do some cleaning, (cleaning that, chances are, you've been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now) but it gives you a deadline and rewards you in more ways than one. You accomplish that cleaning and you are able to spend time with friends. Our society has become so high paced--we are all so busy that it seems we can live a few blocks away from friends and still never see them--so it's good to entertain every so often just to stay in touch! People are always in a good mood, complementing the dish you prepared, applauding your taste in decorating, cooking or what have you, laughing and generally enjoying the company of one another.

I hosted appetizers and drinks (layered mexican dip and strawberry/peach daiquiris), then we moved a couple of blocks for Hawaiian kabobs, then another couple blocks for angel food cake with fresh berries and chocolate martinis. Covered lots of important topics, and played a game with dessert (Balderdash-which I found I'm quite good at... I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the basis of the game is essentially one's ability to effectively merda bubula another) Good time had by all-Mission Accomplished!