Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today in the mail.... I received my Moo Cards! They are so cute, and so much fun! Just about half the size of a normal business card but certainly twice the fun!!

There are 100 cards total and they have a great little (plastic) white box they fit in. (In the picture, you can see all the different photos that I used.) These will be (I was about to say 'fun' but I think I've already established that the cards are 'fun') a blast to hand to people who need my information. Not only will they be getting my name, cell and email, (in blue on the reverse side, and my signature "e=mc²") but they will also get a cool picture which has some sort of significance for me. The pictures are from Chicago, Milwaukee, Nebraska, Ireland - there are a couple of Ernie, Marquette (Joan of Arc Chapel, Marq. Hall) and a giant stack of chocolate chip cookies!

Thinking about joining the ranks in the 'real world' (I'm pretty sure that what I've been doing has been anything but hypothetical) I had been considering buying some kind of business card with my bare bones information (since it is likely my address will be changing). It is so much more impressive and professional to be able to hand someone a preprinted card with your contact information, rather than asking if they have a pen and proceeding to scribble it on their arm, or a used napkin. I've now got the (fun) cards to match Me... so World, Prepare to be impressed!



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