Friday, July 07, 2006

I received a large envelope in the mail with the following contents: Letter (of congratulations) from the editor of Company Magazine, 3 copies of the Summer 2006 Issue, and a Check... Exchangeable for real money!

All of this, because I had entered a photo in the Company Magazine's contest earlier this spring. I had completely forgotten that I had entered my photo when the issue came out-so I found out from a friend that they had selected my pic for print (before I received the package). This is the photo that was selected for an honorable mention in the student/amateur category. There were over 800 photos submitted for the competition - check out all of the photos which were printed (pdf file).

The best part about my photo being in the Jesuit Magazine has been the response at work. My supervisor cut out my pic and the caption and put it up on the bulletin board for all the Jesuits and residents to see--so the days that I'm working priests congratulate me and I of course joke about signing their copy for them.


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