Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tonight I held the first (annual) Celebration of the Womb.
"Excuse Me?" you're thinking...
Yes, Celebration of the Womb... it was 22 years ago on this day that I was still in the womb. So, what better way to give thanks for the wonderful year that has passed and contemplate what the up coming trip around the sun will entail than to have a very relaxing bath. So simple yet incredible refreshing. I had candles, bubbles, a nice beverage, and a great selection of tunes. Nothing like a little pampering to help bring one year to a close and look ahead to the possibilities of the next year. And, in true womb fashion... the water broke (I had to drain the tub when I was done) and forced me to push forward. Relaxing, comforting and rejuvenating as it may have been you can't stay in there forever (womb or tub). So, here's to another fantastic year... A big "thank you" to my wonderful family and friends who all support and encourage me--I am truly blessed.

Always remember to forget - The troubles that passed away.
But never forget to remember - The blessings that come each day.



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