Friday, July 07, 2006

While strolling around the Summerfest-tivites, one of the many attractions that I stumbled upon was this... a giant Chess set! The pieces were all made of wood, and certainly weren't going to be blowing away in the wind for lack of weight. The first thing that came to mind was Wizard's Chess... Unfortunately the pieces were not animated in any way-but, it was interesting to think about how the size could possibly be a factor for those playing--you would really have to focus to visualize the big picture... With a standard size board, it's much easier to see the entire picture-but I think the size throws a whole new spin on the game. It certainly made moves much more dramatic--when the player has to
walk onto the board, use both hands to pick up a piece and move it to another square. The other question that came to mind while watching... Storage?! But I suppose that if you've invested in such a chess set, you would most likely just have an entire room in your house devoted to the game, so that you could leave it out year round.


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