Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dear Snow,

It has come to my attention that you lack an understanding of yourself.
This year you held us all in suspense of your coming, and let me tell you-the first couple of snows were fantastic! It was perfect, just enough so that before I went to bed there were visible flurries floating around-and I woke up to find a wonderful light fluffy coating on the city. I find it annoying however, when you drop 4 inches or so, this is where it starts to get messy. It makes walking any where a sloshy mess-I always end up arriving at my destination with pant legs drenched from the bottom up. (and because of all the salt that is used, a nice white line and stiff pants when they do dry) I would appreciate snow in small amounts-unless you really feel the need to dump a large amount, if this is the case... please make it enough so that everything will be canceled--and we'll all be forced to stay inside with hot cups of tea/chocolate and then later in the afternoon bundle up and venture outside to romp around and build 'Calvin and Hobbes' style snowmen--not just messy and a hassle to get to.
That is all I ask.

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