Wednesday, July 26, 2006

gatrobfabilou v (1)the rotation of a group of amazingly, fun, as in awesome people. Usually revolving around the consumption of food and drink. (2) A good time is always had by all. (3)Started by an elite set of Greeks, as a form of celebrating good company, food, and drink

compliments of a fellow round robin'er :)

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Robinglomalicious n - any form of rotating gathering in which each location provides a different or distinct delectable dish for devouring, usually the company is as delicious if not more so than the edible delicacies [lat. robin "rotation," lat. glom "round," lat. delicia "delight"]

Entertaining is such a great concept... not only does it force you to do some cleaning, (cleaning that, chances are, you've been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now) but it gives you a deadline and rewards you in more ways than one. You accomplish that cleaning and you are able to spend time with friends. Our society has become so high paced--we are all so busy that it seems we can live a few blocks away from friends and still never see them--so it's good to entertain every so often just to stay in touch! People are always in a good mood, complementing the dish you prepared, applauding your taste in decorating, cooking or what have you, laughing and generally enjoying the company of one another.

I hosted appetizers and drinks (layered mexican dip and strawberry/peach daiquiris), then we moved a couple of blocks for Hawaiian kabobs, then another couple blocks for angel food cake with fresh berries and chocolate martinis. Covered lots of important topics, and played a game with dessert (Balderdash-which I found I'm quite good at... I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the basis of the game is essentially one's ability to effectively merda bubula another) Good time had by all-Mission Accomplished!

Friday, July 07, 2006

I received a large envelope in the mail with the following contents: Letter (of congratulations) from the editor of Company Magazine, 3 copies of the Summer 2006 Issue, and a Check... Exchangeable for real money!

All of this, because I had entered a photo in the Company Magazine's contest earlier this spring. I had completely forgotten that I had entered my photo when the issue came out-so I found out from a friend that they had selected my pic for print (before I received the package). This is the photo that was selected for an honorable mention in the student/amateur category. There were over 800 photos submitted for the competition - check out all of the photos which were printed (pdf file).

The best part about my photo being in the Jesuit Magazine has been the response at work. My supervisor cut out my pic and the caption and put it up on the bulletin board for all the Jesuits and residents to see--so the days that I'm working priests congratulate me and I of course joke about signing their copy for them.

While strolling around the Summerfest-tivites, one of the many attractions that I stumbled upon was this... a giant Chess set! The pieces were all made of wood, and certainly weren't going to be blowing away in the wind for lack of weight. The first thing that came to mind was Wizard's Chess... Unfortunately the pieces were not animated in any way-but, it was interesting to think about how the size could possibly be a factor for those playing--you would really have to focus to visualize the big picture... With a standard size board, it's much easier to see the entire picture-but I think the size throws a whole new spin on the game. It certainly made moves much more dramatic--when the player has to
walk onto the board, use both hands to pick up a piece and move it to another square. The other question that came to mind while watching... Storage?! But I suppose that if you've invested in such a chess set, you would most likely just have an entire room in your house devoted to the game, so that you could leave it out year round.